Athletics & Recreation

Outdoors Recreation Club

Mission Statement:

The goals of the Outdoors Recreation Club are: to achieve a deeper appreciation of natural systems through outdoors recreational activities, to show that appreciation by performing local outdoors clean-up projects and/or other nature based service projects. The Outdoors Recreation Club is committed to the development of community awareness and development and will be participating in service projects in coordination with the SUN center and ESA offices.

Community Service Projects:

The club is committed to the betterment of the community. This means that they will be putting forth the efforts to do so through community based service projects. There will ideally be two device projects each semester depending on the number of members and their level of enthusiasm. A minimum of one will be scheduled either on campus or in the community. On occasion the club may meet at a designated area in the outdoors to remove refuse and help keep nature pristine. Other projects may be implemented if there is support shown during meetings. Each member is expected to attend and assist at a minimum of one service project.

Recreational Activities:

The unifying concept for the outdoors recreation club is that its members enjoy activities that involve the outdoors. For many, the act of recreation can be a simple drive out into the mountains, or it can be an adrenaline filled adventure through rapids down a river. What we like to do as individual can vary greatly. The Outdoors Recreation Club is an association of people who like doing different outdoor activities and can collaborate to provide opportunities to one another to participate in such events. Meetings will provide a forum for club collaborated activities as individuals and as a club. Meetings will also be a forum for discussion on survival skills, however it must be understood that there is a certain amount of risk associated with any form of exercise. Some activities can be quite exhausting. Therefore, liability waivers must be signed before attending any outdoors activity that is being sponsored by the club, but participation in the outdoors activities is not mandatory to be considered an active member.

Outdoors activities being considered:

  • Hiking (single and multi day hikes)

  • Camping (single and multi day)

  • Canoeing

  • Rock-climbing

  • Whitewater Rafting (single and multi day)

  • Mountain Biking

  • Snowshoeing

  • Skiing

  • Anything else that could be fun

The current club president is Levi Simmons and his email is or text to 435-630-0644. The current advisor of the club is Michelle Fleck, and her contact information is 435-613-5232, or by email at

Wildlife Club

The purpose of this club is to allow students to develop a relationship with government agencies, and to gain experience which will provide a better possibility at having a successful career in the field of natural resources.

The president of this club is Josiah Safely and he can be contacted by phone at 801-362-2655, and email at The advisor for this club is Mike King and he can be contacted by phone at 435-613-5400, and email at 

Soccer Club

The purpose of this club is to develop and improve soccer skills and spend quality time with other classmates who also enjoy soccer. This club also competes competitively with other colleges in the area. 

The president of the club is Sebastian Caris. He can be reached by email at 

Scoot it 'N Boot it

The purpose of this club is to create "sick" activities that will be appealing to the "hardcore" mentality of becoming official scoot masters. They also aim to impress and inspire the community with their awesome attitudes and willingness to do good. 

The president of this club is Tayson Wilson. He can be reached by phone at 801-920-5475 or email at