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Name Title
Alaei, Cathrin Director - Testing Center
Allen, Daniel Executive-in-Residence - Huntsman School of Business | Director - Special Programs | Assistant Coach - Women's Basketball
Allen, Evette Director of Student Life
Arave, Wade Admissions Advisor - Enrollment Services
Archibald, Becky Director - Dining Services
Archibald, Tony Chef - Dining Services
Archuleta, Lynn Police Sergeant
Arellano, Sherry Coordinator of Distance Education
Auberger, Tammy Lead Coordinator - Human Resources
Bales, Vern Accountant - Business and Finance
Baletka, Jennifer Assistant to the Chancellor
Bambas, Sasha Welding Instructor
Becheli, Adjalma V. Head Men's Basketball Coach - Athletics
Beckman, Ursula Receptionist - Cosmetology Department
Bennett, Ammon Soccer Coach
Bennett, Claire Meredith Administrative Assistant - Prehistoric Museum
Bingham, Monica Instructional Assistant - Distance Education
Blake, Donna Assistant Controller
Blake, Tracy Lecturer - Engineering
Blanc, Rachelle Instructor - Workforce Education
Booth, Kim Director - Financial Aid & Scholarships
Bower, Kevin Associate Professor - Math
Bradley, Joy Staff Assistant - Distance Education
Brandt, Darrin Director - Counseling & Disability Resource Center
Brassaw, Lori J. Director - Library
Bulkley, Kris Assistant - Financial Aid
Bunnell, Mark Adjunct Faculty - Geology
Burghardt, Sheila Director - Facilities
Burnside, Karl Program Coordinator - Disability Resource Center
Callor, Ed Adjunct Faculty - Machine Tool Technology
Carmack, Noel Assistant Professor - Art
Carpenter, Kenneth Associate Vice Chancellor - Prehistoric Museum | Director and Curator of Paleontology
Cha, Pam Adjunct Faculty - Communication and English
Chappell, Tyson Assistant Professor - Biology
Cloward, Darla Assistant to the Vice Chancellor | Academic Affairs and Student Services
Collard, Dean Associate Professor - Diesel Equipment Technology
Collingwood, Christina Assistant - Academic Services
Critchlow, Lisa Adjunct Faculty - Cosmetology
Cropper, Sebrina Instructor - Mathematics
Curtis, Jan Classroom Installer and Data & Voice Technician - Information Technology
Daniel, Burke Police Officer - USU Police
Dart, Greg Vice Chancellor - Enrollment Management
Davis, Linda Associate Professor - Cosmetology
Davis, Patricia Instructor - Nursing
Delgado, Gypsie Assistant - Academic Advising
Denton, Guy Vice Chancellor - Blanding Campus | Associate Professor - ASTE
DeVilbiss, John Coordinator - USU Eastern Marketing
Diaz, Tino (Agustin) Recruiter
Duncan, Deanne Instructional Assistant - Distance Education
Dyreng, Connie Assistant - Workforce Education
Earl, Heath Associate Professor - Psychology
Eastin, Cathy Director - IT Microcomputing
Ekker, Cameo Assistant to Associate Vice Chancellor - Professional and Technical Education
Erwin, Richard Adjunct Faculty - Physics
Evans, Dale Lecturer - Mining
Ewan, Corey Associate Professor - Theatre
Fausett, Kerstine Assistant - Workforce Education
Fleck, Michelle Associate Professor - Geology
Fox, Kay Career Counselor - GEAR UP
Golding, Peggy Director - Child Care Resource & Referral Center
Goodrich, Russell Associate Vice Chancellor - Professional & Technical Education | Associate Professor - Business
Hanson, Duane Custodian - Facilities
Hardy, Mindy Trainer/CDA Consultant - Child Care Resource and Referral
Hassell, Betty Associate Professor - Business | Pathways Coordinator
Hatch, Wayne Assistant Professor - Biology
Henrie, Scott Associate Professor - Criminal Justice
Herzog, Alex J. Associate Vice Chancellor - Price Campus Operations
Hislop, Bonnie Business Office
Icard, Carrie Associate Professor - English
Icard, Curtis Associate Professor - English
Innes, Brent Assistant Professor - Theatre
Isaacson, Tyler Custodian - Prehistoric Museum
Iyere, Peter Vice Chancellor for Student Success
Jensen, Linda Assistant to the Associate Vice Chancellor - Liberal Arts & Science Division
Jim, Debbie (Boone) Academic Records & Registration
Johansen, Larry Police Officer - USU Police
Johnson, Cheryl Cashier - Business and Finance
Johnson, Terry Program Coordinator - Volunteer (SUN) Center
Johnson, Tracey Web Content Specialist/Web Administrator - Information Technology
Jones, Sharon Assistant to the Associate Vice Chancellor - Student Services
Kardelis, David Associate Professor - Physics
Kava, Mike Lecturer - Automotive Technology
King, Mike Associate Professor - Wildlife Science
King, Nichol Assistant Professor - Nursing
Lauritsen, Aimee Manager - Library Public Services
Leonard, Susan Manager - Bookstore
Lindsey, Bonnie Accounts Payable - Business and Finance
Logan, Lloyd Director - Museum Education and Exhibits
Mabbutt, Randy Lecturer - Mining
Mackiewicz, Anne Assistant Professor - Education | Executive Director - Childcare Resource and Referral
Madsen, Scott Head Coach - Baseball | Adjunct Faculty
Maestas, Clint Custodian - Facilities
Maestas, Jennifer Adjunct Faculty - Health
Mahleres, Nicole Internal Auditor
Mancina, Marie Data Specialist/Referral Counselor - Child Care Resource and Referral
Mantz, Eric Associate Vice Chancellor - Price Campus Business Services | Associate Professor - Business
Marshall, Jason Police Officer | Adjunct Faculty
Martineau, Stan Associate Professor - Automotive Technology
Martinez, Monica GEAR UP
McCandles, Nicole Workforce Education
McElprang, Leon Associate Professor - Heavy Equipment & Trucking
McEvoy, Juanita Database Administrator & Business Intelligence Analyst - Information Systems
McKinnon, Jolene Student Accounts Receivable - Business and Finance
Migliori, Ethan Center for Workforce Development
Miller, Dee Classroom Technician - Distance Education
Monson, Janna Workforce Education Lab
Montoya, Steve Computer Lab Support - Information Technology
Mortenson, Kim Program Coordinator - Workforce Education
Motte, Clint Facilities | Maintenance
Murray, Ryan Small Business Development | Custom Fit
Needham, Gina Nursing Lab Clinical Program Coordinator
Neel, Susan Associate Professor - History
Nelson, Melanie Associate Vice Chancellor - Liberal Arts & Science Division | Associate Professor - Mathematics
Nelson, Steve Associate Professor - Spanish
Neumeier, Kathy Computer Support Analyst - Information Technology
Nielson, Joette Baity Assistant - Nursing
Norris, Rebecca Financial Officer - GEAR UP
Norton, Laura Nursing Instructor
Noyes, Cirie Academic Records & Registration
Noyes, Vicki Institutional Advancement Coordinator
Olsen, Eddie Adjunct Faculty - Apprenticeship
Olsen, Henning Associate Professor - Business
Olsen, Jason Assistant Professor - English
Olsen, Kristian Director - Enrollment Services
Orth, Justin Director - Upward Bound
Pantelakis, Tammie Counselor - Financial Aid & Scholarships
Paur, Dave Director - Athletics & BDAC | Head Coach - Women's Basketball
Pearson, Debbie Instructional Designer - Faculty Assistance Center for Teaching (FACT)
Perez, Elias Associate Professor - Engineering Drafting & Design Technology
Peterson, Joe USU Eastern Chancellor
Polster, Susan Associate Professor - Communication
Powell, Jim Lecturer - Workforce Education
Powell, Robert Lecturer - Workforce Education
Pratt, Kimberly Global Academy
Preston, Austin Accounting Assistant
Prettyman, Jessica Administrative Assistant - Enrollment Services
Prettyman, Liz Academic & International Advisor
Prettyman, Stephen Distance Education Technology Coordinator
Prichard, Debra Associate Professor - Cosmetology
Radmall, Steve Lecturer - Mining
Rawson, Brenda Coordinator - GEAR UP
Reid, Lyndsay Academic & Career Advisor
Reid, Tommy Maintenance Tech - Facilities
Rhodes, Rhonda L. Instructor - Music
Richardson, Todd Center for Workforce Education
Riley, Tim Curator of Archeology - Prehistoric Museum
Rowley, Erin Academic Records & Registration | Concurrent Enrollment
Rudman, Chandelle Staff Assistant - Facilities Maintenance
Schritter, Jeremy Maintenance Tech - Facilities
Severeid, Larry Associate Professor - English
Shaw, Sherill Librarian - Cataloging Systems | Library Professional
Sheriff, Robyn Director - Purchasing
Sherman, Lisa Payroll - Business and Finance
Snow, Robbin Assistant - Public Safety | Post Office
Spears, Jeff Director - Residence Life and Student Conduct
Steele, Cletis Police Officer - USU Police
Sumeracki, Samuel Recruiter - Education Program
Taylor, Paige Business Office
Taylor, Roger Police Officer - USU Police
Templeton, Kent Associate Professor - English
Thornton, Jan Director of Student Success
Thrower, Daniel N. Adjunct Faculty - Music
Trease, Christine Director - Museum Public Relations | Gift Shop Manager
Truschka, Jennifer Associate Professor - Political Science
Tucker, Jessica Coordinator of Programs - GEAR UP
Tuttle, Elise Adjunct Faculty - Music
Varndell, Becky Adjunct Instructor | Nursing
Walton, Richard Associate Professor - Criminal Justice
Warburton, Chelsey Head Coach - Volleyball | Assistant Coach - Women's Basketball
Watson, Brad Director - Academic Services
Weber, John Assistant Professor - Chemistry
White, Linda Instructor - Nursing
Whiteside, Ruth Concessions Manager - Athletics
Willis, Kyle Maintenance - Facilities
Wilson, Shanny Director - Academic Advising & Orientation
Wilstead, Susan Assistant - Athletics
Wood, Jeff Police Officer - USU Police
Young, Jan Director - Academic Records & Registration
Youngberg, Elaine Associate Professor - Business
Youngberg, Lon Associate Professor - Welding
Zmerzlikar, John Coordinator/Service Lead - Motor Pool
Zwick, Henry Associate Professor - Mathematics | Computer Science Advisor